Just For Emo Guys

Just For Emo Guys

In this day and age, there are so many different genres it truly is very; very difficult for someone that is not in high school to keep up with them. For example, many parents simply have no idea what emo is or what the fashion for emo guys are. That is what we are going to talk about in this article, emo fashion for guys!

One of the first things that you need to understand about the genre of emo is the fact that they are not actually on the Gothic side, but their fashion is a little bit. For example, emo t-shirts are generally of the tighter fitting quality and they are usually decorated with some type of funny logo.

Ringer t-shirts are by far the most popular for emo guys and while they are generally not sports related, they are definitely popular. Usually, these types of shirts are paired with a dark hoodie and as a hoodie is a staple in every emo closet.

Another thing that is very popular in the way of emo fashion is glasses. Whether or not the person actually wears glasses, glasses as a fashion statement are definitely important as they 'make' the entire look!

Pants like Dickies and Ben Davis are by far the most popular brands for emo people and they never, ever opt for shorts. No matter the weather, pants are definitely a staple in any emo person's closet!

Finally, the hair is going to be generally spiky or left down. Unless it is hidden under a stocking cap, because those are by far the most popular hat in the emo fashion world; the color is important too. Most of the time, the colors are going to be darker reds, greens, blues and blacks but grays do make their way onto the scene too.