Emo Gothic Style For Women

Gothic Style For Women

The continuing rise in popularity of the goth subculture has seen a new appreciation for the style of gothic women. They are seen as strong, independent, and often very attractive, particulary those who express themselves within the traditional gothic style complete with tattoos, piercings, and make-up. In terms of clothing, there are several different styles within the goth/punk/emo subcultures for women to choose from.

A goth girl will never be defined by her clothing, however the style she represents will still be very important to her. It's always of vital importance to express her individuality through her general appearance. Whilst there may not be a purposeful aim to appear attractive, there is often a hint of eroticism in the way in which gothic clothing is designed.

The fact that much of the clothing is black and red is important, as these are both sensual colors. The materials used in the clothing can have a similar effect, as depending on what is being worn it could be made from leather, velvet, or lace. People can find gothic romanticism, and its associated fashions, extremely sexy, and when this is coupled with motifs culled from the bondage underworld, this sensuality is enhanced.

An example of gothic clothing which accentuates the body would be the corset. These are extremely popular in goth fashion, and many different designs can be found in gothic clothing stores. Gothic corsets are a reference to the Victorian and Edwardian styles which influence so much of the goth subculture. Gothic corsets are also common in in the styles of groups who diverge slightly from traditional goths, and can be seen, for example, in cyber gothic clothing.

Corsets will often be accompanied by gothic skirts, which once again can be fashioned after a Victorian style. They will therefore often be long and flowing. Gothic women also have the option of wearing full dresses, which are available in a range of different styles. Hell Bunny dresses are extremely popular, and are often much more colorful than tradition gothic or punk rock dresses.

This highlights an important point, which is that there are many different styles of clothing for a gothic woman to choose from. There is a common misconception that the goth style is simply wearing black clothes and make-up. This is far from the truth, and the goth subculture would not be as large as it is if the style was as boring as this.