Emo Hair Gothic : Gothic Emo

There are some variances in the Gothic emo hair, as in any scene, however these are the general styles. One variance is the color; although the general color black, it is not uncommon for both boys and girls to have highlights, purple being a popular highlight color.

The other style is the large poufy hair. The wearer of this generally has straightened hair, but then backcombs it in order to give it a puffed up effect. This is a more recent development in the Gothic emo scene; however, has rapidly gained popularity.

The straight hair, is almost identical to that of the boys, some people may even not be able to tell the sex of the owner from the back, as both are long, black, straight and greasy in appearance. This is quite popular amongst girls in this scene.

The variety for girls is similar to that of the boys; however, neither has dominance. The girls generally have one of two styles: the straight 'shiny' hair, or large poufy hair.

There is also the long black style for boys, however this is less popular. This is generally just long straight hair that often appears slightly shiny, due to the dye. Many Gothic boys do have this, however, is less popular than the 'br00tal' style.

The main style for boys is sometimes referred to as 'br00tal' (brutal) hair. This involves straightened black hair, with a long fringe often covering one of the owner's eyes; surely making it difficult to see? However, these Gothic people tend to cope OK, and when questioned note no problems with vision. Quite often a boy will have the hair split over his ear in order to reveal the ear, which often has a tunnel piercing (stretched earlobe).

There are different types of Gothic emo hair, both styles for boys and girls, some the same, some differ. However, almost without exception the main color of this hair is black; reflecting the Gothic attitude.